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a Girl's view: page 6 by TGedNathan
Cheer UP- New by Darkoshen
Sissy tg
Sleeping Beauty 2 by OTSOESPINOSAURUS

Mature Content

Tug! by Kinktank
Think Pink!!! by MissEvaMadison
TG transformation
The Devil Peach pt1 by K1tty-Marshmell0w
Floop Yo Head - TG Sequence by Grumpy-TG

Mature Content

Which Witch? - Mid-TF Pinup by Grumpy-TG

Mature Content

TG / TF: 2B by Yunipur
Feature 2 TG
Hero Transformed - Issue #5 Released by lilacwren
A Fiery, Sweet Tooth by MentalCrash
Sunny Weathers Heat Wave Calendar - April by lilacwren
Sunny Weathers Heat Wave Calendar - October by lilacwren
Tg Captions

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Mommy Know Best 4 by CallieThunder
The Crossdressing App by MissEvaMadison
Nanny Cam by MissEvaMadison
Beg by MissEvaMadison
Tg caption CONTEST
Obsessed by marilynsaxx

Mature Content

Trouble With Roommates Tribute by ElenaStarz4372

Mature Content

Cellmate by ElenaStarz4372

Mature Content

Porn-star Roommate(s) by anynomous1234alt
TG Caption Contest 2

Mature Content

The Hangover by marilynsaxx

Mature Content

Blackmail Club Night by marilynsaxx

Mature Content

Buddies by ElenaStarz4372

Mature Content

Boyfriends Out of Town by ElenaStarz4372




A transformative Adventure: Beginning

 Erica looked at the strange girl before her. Sure she asked for a body guard who was experienced with supernatural phenomenon's but she never would expected this strange woman dressed in what appeared to be some sort of Coplay to show up at her office. "So miss umm.." Erica said struggling to remember this woman's name. " My name is Aoi Sukekosusikakushi The 3rd." The woman said, her voice was high pitched but monotone .
    "Right so the reason I need a body guard is because the news paper I work for had decided to have me report on the recent influx of supernatural phenomenon." Erica explained. "Normally I would pass the work on to some scrub..well I did but said scrub went missing and hasn't been seen for days."
"So you decided to hire a body guard so you can locate your lost compatriot." Aoi said still monotone. " Yes that's right. but I also need to get material for my article."
:iconteam-ehiro:Team-Ehiro 61 5
Whatever Happenend To.... Casey (TG) by EFantasy89
Mature content
Whatever Happenend To.... Casey (TG) :iconefantasy89:EFantasy89 6 0
Roxy's Judgement Call (TG) by EFantasy89
Mature content
Roxy's Judgement Call (TG) :iconefantasy89:EFantasy89 12 1
Embrace The New (TG) by EFantasy89
Mature content
Embrace The New (TG) :iconefantasy89:EFantasy89 8 6
A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Maya Fey TG) Chapter 1
It was a peaceful afternoon. Around 4:00 to be almost exact. It was the end of August, meaning it just the perfect day to be walking around and do who knows what. Tons of people could be heard walking around outside playing or just hanging out with one another. But there are those people who like to stay indoors and play video games and watch television all day. Our protagonist is no exception. He wasn’t a shut in, but he was also not so eager to interact with others when not needed.
He was in his room playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir when someone could be heard yelling for him from the floor beneath him.
That would be his mom. “Chug, stop playing video games and go out for a walk or do something active! Stop playing that trash and hang out with someone! It would be so much better for you if you got some fresh air!”
He sighed then yelled back, “Yeah, yeah! I will just give me a few more minutes!” This is about a boy named Chug Gaaconroy. Loves video games a
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 92 15
Hatsune Miku TG
There was once a boy named Greg. He was a 16-year-old attending high school like any other teen should. His only problem was that he had trouble fitting in. He wasn’t one of those people who got bullied a lot and wouldn’t do anything about it. He just wasn’t really noticed by anyone. People would walk by his desk probably not even knowing he was sitting there. This always made him fell sad knowing how that if he died one day that no one would care or even notice. This has also made him become more introverted. In the past, he has tried to reach out to people in an attempt to make friends, but every time he tried, he was met with the same “We are talking so can you leave” or “Sorry, I need to be somewhere right now”. Either being bad luck or how he acts, he doesn't really care anymore.
Greg has never had anyone to support him, even his parents. When Greg was five years old, he was possibly one of the liveliest children in kindergarten. He had on
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 267 30
Spread Your Joy! by HeelLana
Mature content
Spread Your Joy! :iconheellana:HeelLana 243 18
Family of Girls by Jenniandrews Family of Girls :iconjenniandrews:Jenniandrews 26 46 Josie TG animation GIF (uncensored) by surody
Mature content
Josie TG animation GIF (uncensored) :iconsurody:surody 413 13
Alchemy True Love TG (Trade)
There was once a boy named Peter. He was your average looking 16-year-old teenager. He had blonde hair that was probably about a centimeter shy of reaching his ears. He had green eyes filled with life. He was of average height of around 5’10” and had around an average weight of 150 pounds with an average amount of muscle in that weight. For the summertime, he would wear average looking clothing, but in the wintertime, he wore clothes that were nothing close to average. It doesn’t matter whether it was summer or winter; he loved to wear white t-shirts and black shorts all the time. If you were to walk by this kid, your mind would just say, ‘What a stereotypical teenager’.
His personality was however that of not your average everyday teenager. He was an intelligent idiot. You maybe are wondering how can someone be smart, but also stupid at the same time. He had fantastic marks in all grades. He is on the honor role and has the top marks in all the subjects h
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 267 53
A Nice And relaxing Shower TG
It was a very sunny day. Alex has been running around all day outside with his best friend Billy. Alex has always been extremely energetic. All he wanted to do everyday was live it like it was the last. This was sure a redeeming trait of his, but it was also a trait that made others feel uncomfortable. During class, he would always try to be the class clown. He was a funny guy, but most of the time his jokes caused the whole lesson being taught to stop from him jumping on his desk and yelling whatever came to his mind without a second thought for the other people around him.
Billy on the other hand was a more chilled guy. He did have to run around a lot though due to the fact that his best friend was a lose cannon. Billy liked to relax and study in his free time mostly. He was always getting top grades in his grade ranking first place in every subject that he took in each semester. He really enjoyed Alex’s company, but was at the same time annoyed by his strong personality. Even
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 281 26
The Purple Cloth TG (Request)
There was once a gamer named Evan. Evan loved to play video games a lot, but has always worried about his looks. He was a 16 year old who was around 5’8 feet tall. He was quite thin for his age and possessed not even a single cell of muscle. He has always wanted to be big and muscular to be able to pick up girls, but lacks everything you need to do those things. He hated sports and exercising which didn’t help his problem.
One day while watching TV, he was channel surfing. As he went from channel to channel, something on a random channel caught his eye. It was one of those channels that liked to advertise products for a half an hour each. On the commercial, they were talking about the latest technology. The new technology was about a new cloth. At first sights, anyone would think it’s an ordinary cloth with a nice red shine to it, but that wasn’t the case here.
The man on the screen said, “This cloth can form into anything, just watch” then the man s
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 246 40
TG New Guitar

There was once a boy in high school named James. He was an amazing guitar player while his best friend Michael was a great drum player. They always liked to practice together to the point that they started a band.
But as time went on, James started to ditch the practice schedule that he and his friend came up with. That didn’t mean he would always be absent, but about 80% of the time, Michael was just sitting down in his garage waiting for his friend to arrive. Whenever he did come over, he was getting worse and worse at the guitar.
One day Michael said to himself “If he doesn’t think practicing is important anymore, then I will find a way to change his mind whether he likes it or not” while looking on his computer for “special” guitars that would be just right for his friend.
The next day at school, Michael invited James over to the gym. He said “We have been friends for a long time and I just w
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 162 26
Oktoberfest hype by HeelLana
Mature content
Oktoberfest hype :iconheellana:HeelLana 236 14
Mary Elizabeth Bison Alt. Version. by kabuto-gouki Mary Elizabeth Bison Alt. Version. :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 14 14 Midnight bliss K999 by kabuto-gouki Midnight bliss K999 :iconkabuto-gouki:kabuto-gouki 8 3
Kelli's Halloween TG caption Contest.
The midnight hour is close at hand, and sissies and gurls creep from the shadows to do what they do best.
Halloween is fast approaching and I want to try to do a Caption Contest while there's still time.
I hope to get lots of entries from you kinky girls xxxxx

Submit your best work to this folder. I will will only accept legitimate entries. The winner will receive a free commission by me.

The theme is Halloween. So your friends might want to go out but the only costume left is a sexy bunny. Or this is your chance to go secretly out dressed as sissy to your friends costume party. Or friends curses you on Halloween to be the biggest sissy on the block :) xxxx let your imagination run wild babes

submit to the Halloween contest folder at Kelli's-Tg

Entries close after Halloween 👻👻💀

Good luck and have fun xxxxxx
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